Why make a donation?

People who are converted to Islam are too often marginalized and are likely to experience social exclusion.  They may also face additional challenges to flourish fully in their personal and spiritual lives.

The money the AMQ receives from donors helps … change lives!

Most people who choose to embrace Muslim spirituality strongly feel the need to communicate and meet people who have lived similar paths. They often need to be listened to in order to find the ideal way for them to integrate their new spirituality into their lives.

Donations received provide accessibility to programs, services and activities that are often free or at a low price. These activities promote the creation of a network of mutual support and support for the converted. By contributing to the AMQ, you support more than just an association. You enable individuals to develop their full potential.

The donations received are also used for the production and distribution of materials such as Koran, books, leaflets, prayer rugs, etc. to those who request it.

Rigorous, healthy and transparent management

The AMQ returns 100% of every dollar it collects to the community, in the form of services to new Muslims and funding for programs and activities that they can benefit from in support of their personal and spiritual journey.

With almost no administration fees and a code of ethics governing its operation, the AMQ is proud to stand out by giving back to the social development of the Quebec community.

How can the AMQ return so much to the community?

The AMQ can return to the Quebec community 100% of what it collects thanks to the support of some 40 volunteers who generously devote several hundred hours of their time per year organization of activities, administrative management, file analysis, etc. They also formulate recommendations for the allocation of funds that are presented to the AMQ board of directors.