AMQ’s mission is to break down the isolation of people who converted to Islam, to help them learn the
basics of their religion and to accompany them on their path.

We value a healthy and active life, as well
as a balanced practice of Islam, in harmony with family, social and professional environments.
We encourage the development of critical thinking and individual empowerment.

Thanks to its
approach, the AMQ benefits Quebecers collectively.

Who are we?

For over 15 years, we offer opportunities for personal and spiritual fulfillment. To learn more about our
activities and programs, click here

We are much more than an association. We are a big family!

Managed by a team of people who reflect the beautiful diversity of Quebec, the AMQ is a registered non-profit organization.

Our values

Inclusion, social consciousness, balance, listening, brotherhood, respect of people and their differences, social development.