Discussion circle

Whether at the mosque, in a community center or even in the open air, the Saturday discussion circles offer a place for exchange and learning where friendships are born!

The discussion circles are free and take place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Social and sports activities

Most people who choose to embrace Muslim spirituality strongly feel the need to communicate and meet people who have lived similar paths. They often need to be listened to in order to find the ideal way for them to integrate their new spirituality into their lives. The AMQ also organizes diversified social and sporting activities that encourage the creation of friendships and a healthy and active lifestyle.


General goal:

To enable a group of 25 high school girls, enrolled in the group, to develop a healthy Muslim identity and allow it to be updated in their daily lives by participating in leisure activities, training, personal development  and spiritual development. For the moment, the youth club is open only to young girls (opening of the youth club for boys planned for 2019).



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